Today marks the start of the 2016 Archery Hunting Season for whitetail deer for all tag holders. This time of the year is one that every outdoor enthusiast looks forward to. The weather is cooling down, leaves are turning, and the wild spirit grows drawing men and women to the woods to be surrounded by the excitement mother nature and her animals bring us.

Yes, I know this is a website dedicated to health and fitness, and thats exactly why I bring this topic up. Hunting is more than just walking and sitting in the woods to me. For my personal life, I know that the experiences I come upon are ones that keep me healthy inside and out.

When I’m in the gym I think about how I can translate the training we do in the gym to the outside every day world, as well as the time spent in the woods. Hunters experience a variety of different terrain and challenges, theres never a hunt thats the same.
We need to be prepared for the unexpected, and we can do this here in the gym. I catch myself thinking about standing on one leg in the woods, walking over rocks, logs, climbing trees, making steady aims, and having a mental approach that will keep me focused on the task at hand.

We follow a variety of training methods that prepare us for these demands. We train to increase the stability and control of our bodies, increase strength and endurance, and we educate ourselves on correct nutrition to maintain energy levels and focus. All of this makes the hunt that much better.

The next time your in the woods whether your hunting or out enjoying the gifts of nature, embrace the moment and realize how much human qualities come into play to get you from point A to point B in the most successful and safest manner.

Stay up to date with us on facebook and instagram. Look for short video clips as I will describe my methods and how I implement them in my everyday life.

Talk to you all soon!
Coach Nick Lavella

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