Rate: $50/Session Training Sessions are between 50-90 minutes in duration.
The following will apply for individuals who are personally training with a P.I.T. Coach:
An 8-week training plan will be prepared; meaning a minimum of 8 weeks must be committed to training to participate with this option. Payment plans will be discussed.

Training must be completed 2-5 days each week, all depending on your personal schedule.
This option also includes:

  • Body assessments to measure current physiological state.
  • Fitness assessments specific to your goal to measure progression and to monitor your overall health status.

Register for free 30 minute consultation (in person or in phone)


  • Customized nutrition strategy, specific to your needs, outlining Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), breakdown daily intake for macronutrients, a number of fluids to be consumed for optimal hydration.
  • Option to have food logs, sleep/activity logs monitored by Coach Nick and/or Coach Tom.
  • Customized flexibility routine to optimize body mechanics and progressions, aid in postural control, and recovery.
  • Unlimited email and/or phone call support.