Today, more people work in offices, have longer work hours, use better technology and self automation, and are required to move less on a daily basis. This new environment produces more sedentary people, leads to dysfunction and increased incidents of injuries along with higher rates of chronic disease. The good thing is, YOU are in CONTROL, GET ACTIVE AND STAY ACTIVE.

I’m not one who dislikes all of today’s modern technology, of course we need to use certain types of technology to get today’s work done, after all if it wasn’t for this computer I’m typing on, it would take much longer to get my message out to society. Then with the internet, where everyone believes any answer can be found over the web. It may be true to some extent, but like everything else, there needs to be a balance. Are gaming systems bad for society? I don’t believe they are, but they can’t be the staple or high point of the day. These days from what I hear out viagra pas cherand about; is that children, teens, and adults as well look forward to getting home to spend time either on a computer, x-box, playstation, or television console to be entertained. Some just want to goto sleep! Where is the motivation, drive, and energy at? I’ll tell you, it’s going to be in the same place for all of us, it’s just a matter of getting out to whats real, meaningful, unexpected, and true. Once we experience what it’s like to live outside of our normal comfort zone, then we will realize what it’s like to LIVE. Time that I spend outdoors is different each and everytime I’m out there. Whether it’s on a mt. bike, on foot, dirtbikes or atv, it’s all very real, meaningful, true. Theres no guide channel to tell whats going to happen next in our days, and thats why we need to live in the moment and look forward to the experiences we will face, good and bad.

Ask anyone in the gym, and they’ll tell you it’s surprisingly good to feel challenged, or to fail at something, but thats only because we grow as an individual and we learn how to make it better. Talk to a football or baseball player, when the time comes and they win big, it feels great, not because of the fact they won, but because of the work and effort it took to get there. We’re not being greedy here, we’re just embracing the high’s of the human spirit after much has been sacrificed. Individuals who are working to overcome injury or illness will experience the same reward once their quality of life is back to their standards. This isn’t just in reference to sports or athletics, it’s in reference to the entire human lifestyle.

Exercising and being active is just the start to feeling the power of the human spirit, but we have to want more, we need to stay driven, and get what we deserve out of our lives.

Here are some tips and educational information on everything that can be improved when we exercise and engage in activity, even though you may not realize it.

  • Benefits Of Correct Exercise:
  • Improves Cardio-respiratory Efficiency
  • Enhances Beneficial Hormone And Cholesterol Adaptations
  • Increase Metabolic Efficiency (Metabolism)
  • Increases Tissue Tensile Strength (Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles)
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Decreases Body Fat
  • Increases Lean Body Mass (Muscle)
  • Tips To Increase Your Performance
  • Exercise Each Body Part
  • Correct Form And Technique Comes First All The Time
  • Have A Complete Diet Of Fats, Protien And Carbohydrates
  • Be Patient With Adaptations
  • Periodize Your Training
  • Stay Hydrated

Be Aware Of Pre-Workout Supplements

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