Here’s a quick tip that you can implement during your next training session if you aren’t already.

Before you begin your main sets or high intensity sets or intervals, give yourself enough time to efficiently warm up, and here is the reason why.

  1. You’ll save money, Pre-workout supplements may seem like it’s a helpful supplement, but the truth is that you’re not truly preparing your body for a workout of any kind. Most are loaded with artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and coloring, along with that, the fast absorption rate makes the products effects diminish rather quickly.
  2. By completing an effective warmup session you’ll notice you get the same, if not more and better effects than you would from a pre-workout mix. A general warm-up is considered to be a low-intensity exercise that is made up of movements that aren’t related to your main workout, then a specific warm-up will be movements that mimic the intensity to follow. Either way you benefit by raising body temp., increasing oxygen supply, active nervous system, increase soft tissue extensibility, increase metabolic rate, and increase mental readiness.

10 min of a total body, low intensity training session will do great things, physically and mentally, also to your pocket, by saving money.

If you’d like to talk about a specific warm-up for your sport or fitness goals please contact us anytime and we’ll educate you on the most updated information.

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