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Physical Industrial Training - St. Marys, PA

Physical Industry Training was established on May 15th, 2013. At the time, there were no plans of building a full fitness facility, I (Coach Nick) had just graduated from the National Personal Training Institute, received a diploma of Personal Training, and certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With the experience gained from time at the institute, past college experience and courses, as well as time in the United States Army, the main goal was to get out to everyone who had a personal desire to get healthier, happier, and stronger.

Physical Industry TrainingWithin the first year of being involved with helping others come closer to reaching their goals, or helping those accomplish what they we’re set out to do, I came to the conclusion that if individuals trained correctly, applied correct training variables to their lifestyle (ie. number of training days per week, caloric intake, hydration, sleep, flexibility etc.) they had more of a chance at maintaining an active lifestyle in the future. Feeling the qualities and breaking into another a level with your physical and mental capabilities, leads to an improved quality of life, leading to the overall goal of being healthier, happier, and stronger.

In 2014 I was dedicating all of my energy to growing the fitness family that I started. A local team that I had been able to work with gave me an opportunity to store some training equipment in there open auxiliary gym, and to use the space for any training that I could schedule for that location. It quickly became my home base for training, reinvesting earned income into the company to gather more training equipment to serve more people. During all of this, my brother and teammate Coach Tom saw his opportunity to make an impact, and he did just that. Shortly after the year started Coach Tom began his fitness journey at NPTI Orlando (National Personal Training Institute) and quickly became one of the countries top NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) trainers. Having various certifications covering a wide variety of fitness, now we are both working together, serving many people in and around the Elk County area, supplying the newest and most effective methods of physical training.

New plans had been put in place, a training facility was in the works of being built as our fitness family grew into something bigger and stronger than we had initially started with. During the end of December in 2014, we had just got the approval to move into a larger facility, where we would now hold all of our training. We had finished moving all of the equipment and training files into the location on January 1, 2015, ready to come into the year with a good start, only to have a call early morning on Jan. 2 2:30am to hear that it is all engulfed in flames. Rushing over to the location hoping it’s not as bad as what was passed down over the phone, but it was all to true. The whole building is up in flames, as multiple teams of firefighters from around the region rushed to the scene, there was nothing we could do but see our past efforts, accomplishments, and business go up in smoke.

The fire lasted until late morning, after we left the scene we tried to collect our thoughts, we knew it was time to put our qualities to the test. This is just like building working towards another fitness level. It was going to take patience, determination, and will-power to succeed from an event like this. Later around noon the next day, we found out that someone had broken into our building and set fire to it all. Hearing that news changed a lot for us; knowing that someone had done something so wrong. Soon after, the police had a suspect in custody, and month’s later proof came back to show that it was surely the man they had caught.

It has been an experience we never thought we’d have to talk about, but it has made us better as trainers, brothers, brought our fitness family closer together, now we’re building the most up-to-date fitness facility around the region. We couldn’t be more thankful for the lives we live, the people we live it with, and the fitness community that’s being built. 

At Physical Industry Training we train with a purpose, inspire one another,  and together we form a team.

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