Pricing & Packages

Physical Industrial Training - St. Marys, PA
1 /Day/Week$50.00/week ($50.00/session)$400/8weeks
2 /Days/Week$100.00/week ($50.00/session)$800/8weeks
3 /Days/Week$140.00/week ($46.67/session)$1,120/8weeks
4 /Days/Week$180.00/week ($45.00/session)$1,440/8weeks
5 /Days/Week$220.00/week ($44.00/session)$1,760/8weeks

Includes assessments, text and email support, off day workout programming, nutritional guidance, macro count and open gym

5 Week Body By Tom-Weightloss$30.00 (program only)$150.00 program & unlimited group classes
4 Week Hypertrophy$100.00 (program only)$130.00 (program and open gym)
4 Week Sports Specific$100.00 (program only)$130.00 (program and open gym)
4 Week Olympic Weightlifting$100.00 (program only)$130.00 (program and open gym)
4 Week Motocross & Cycling$100.00 (program only) 
5 Week (At Home) Kettlebell Strength$100.00$1,960/8weeks
2 Week (At Home) Flexibility$25.00 

  • Osteoporosis (Bone Health)
  • Weightloss
  • Hypertrophy (Muscle Building)
  • Balance & Stabalization
  • Optimum Performance Traning
  • Endurance Training Concepts
  • Plyometric Training Concepts
  • Flexibility Training Concepts

Open Gym: $70.00 (1 Month)

Group Training: $120/ month unlimited group training or $10/ group session

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