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Physical Industrial Training - St. Marys, PA

Linda Kottwitz – Loyal Customer

I am 51 years old and have been very physically active and eat healthy for the past 16 years. Walking, running, T25 and 21 Day Fix to name of few of my activities. For all of the activity I incorporate in my day I just never felt I was getting the full benefits of my workouts. I had heard a friend I work with hired a personal trainer and really liked the workouts and results. I mentioned to my husband that this is something I have always wanted to do but didn’t know of any in the area and he said he would like to do this also. We notified Physical Industry Training and explained what our personal goals were. We were partnered up with Coach Nick Lavella. In 8 weeks I have seen a big difference in my strength and just overall physical appearance. Coach Nick has me doing things I never thought possible and I surprise myself each and every week. The weekly workouts are challenging but when I am done I feel really good about my accomplishments. So much so my husband and I have signed up for another 8 weeks. He is also very excited about the results he has seen and I can testify he looks great. I would highly recommend Coach Nick and Coach Tom at PIT. You won’t be sorry.


Bill Kottwitz – Loyal Customer

Eight weeks ago my wife and I decided we needed the help of a professional trainer to reach our goals of getting in shape. We have always been active and did our best to exercise and eat healthy.We went the rout of Shawn T and 21 day fix videos and got pretty good at sticking with the programs. The results were minimal. This year we went to visit the PIT gym and talked to coach Nick Lavella about our goal to lose some weight and tone up our bodies for the beach. The workouts are excellent and you don’t need a lot of equipment. Mostly weights and ambition. We started seeing results in 4 weeks. Sticking with the weekly programs and adjusting our eating habits were the key. Every week of training is different, challenging and never boring. We are currently in week 9 and signed up for another 8 weeks! Does it work, and is Nick a professional? YOU BET. He lives nutrition and exercise.

Honestly Give Tom and Nick a try at the PIT gym. It is an excellent facility and these guys know what they are doing. I just turned 67 years old and I’m doing things now I couldn’t do at 37. PS. You should see what it has done for my wife!


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