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Please fill out the form below to send a message directly to us describing the event/sport that you would like to train for. After submitting the form, one of our Coaches will be contacting you soon.

General Fitness: $100/month
General Fitness: With everyone’s perception of “fit” being a little different from one another, we want to eliminate the hassle and frustration of uncertainty. You need to have a well-balanced program and this option lets us design a specific program that you can follow at your own location and time. The training programs will be designed with a focus primarily on your “fit” needs. With this option, a new and updated routine will be sent via email each week, along with a 20 min phone call reviewing the variables and how they apply to your overall goal.

Functional Fitness Weight-loss
Functional Fitness Weight-loss Specific Price: $55 online program only $110 online program and one month open gym membership If losing weight is your primary goal, this training program is for you. All of the training programs will be metabolic specific. This means that all of your training will be designed to allow a maximum calorie burn while providing you with functional exercises to help increase strength, endurance, and lean body mass. You will engage in a variety of strength and cardiovascular training as more activity and greater amounts of lean muscle will help aid in sustainable and realistic weight loss. You will learn more about nutrition, specific to losing weight and you’ll have the option of having food logs reviewed by your trainer. With this option you will get a 15-20 min session with your trainer (in person or phone call) reviewing the program, along with a 10-15 minutes contact call once a week throughout your month.
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1 Month MX Training Program: $200 includes Gym Membership / $180 without Gym Membership
Along with the monthly physical training program, this option will include protocols for nutrition, hydration, flexibility, rest, and mental preparation which ensures peak performance at race time. The rider will be trained through 3-5 phases of the OPT Model, integrated modalities of training (ie. kettlebells, suspension training, cardiovascular training). Also, each week a 15-20 min phone call with Coach Nick will be provided to review the weeks training, progress and any questions you may have. You will be required to send in training logs. With this option you will need a heart rate monitor to help build your program. Your specific Heart Rate Zones will be monitored, you will have specific warm-ups, cool down, and practice/race day nutrition and hydration.

Event/Sport Training

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